Dynoshare provides a marketplace where buyers can buy tuning projects from experienced sellers. Monitoring the quality of the files on our marketplace goes beyond protecting buyers from fraudulent or amateur work. We also encompasses brand safety and viewability, taking into consideration the validation of the sellers on our marketplace.

We ask all of our seller to validate themselve. We ask for screenshot of backend of their website (if they have it), we aks document which clearly states the ownership of certain brand and we also ask for a screenshot of WinOLS.

After we received this information we will validate the seller.  Validated sellers have a tag which mentions validated so you can easily recognize.


Dynoshare provides a usefull filter that allow buyers to narrow down their search results but also to find out which project has the best reviews.

We encourage our buyers to review the projects on our marketplace. We only demand from our sellers that they post working files. By doing this your ratings will go up, and you make more sales. If you deliver files that do not work, or have issues, your ratings will go down, and your sales will drop.

This form of quality control, plus our own internal testing system guarantees happy customers. Happy customers buy more, buy more means more ratings, more ratings result in more sales, YOUR sales.

If a certain project has a reviewscore below 50% we will warn the seller to improve the file. If this is not done within 3 weeks, the listing will be removed by our team.


If for some reason the file you bought on our marketplace is not working as its advertised. We will review the order and issue a claim to the seller. Before you claim a refund you should first make a ticket and try to solve it with the seller. If the seller is not able to deliver what he promised on the listing page, you can contact us to issue a refund. We will start the process and aknowlogde the seller about this situation and ask him to refund the order.


We are aware that we can’t monitor everything. We appreciate feedback from you. If you think some sellers are fraudelant, d not meet our quality standards, threathen customers or any other issue you might have. We appreciate if you report this to us so we can take actions.

Also from sellers we appreciate feedback from customers who are just trying to fool (by claiming that working files not work and ask for refunds), not pay but upload all the time files, threathening etc.

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