How to mass import your WinOLS data into DYNOSHARE

In this tutorial we will explain how to mass import your WinOLS data into your seller account on

It’s quite easy proces. First of all we need to prepare a empty XLSX (Excel) file and assign correct headers.

To save you some time I have already made a demo XLSX file so you can use this format to build the mass import file to showcase your WinOLS data on

To save you some time I have already made a demo XLSX file so you can use this format to build the mass import file to showcase your WinOLS data on

You can download here the demo XLSX file: Download demo XLSX file

Step 1 – Open WinOLS

Let’s start to extract the data from WinOLS. You do this by going to your WinOLS then open projects. Press on the first project, then you press control + A. You will see now that WinOLS have highlighted all your files. Then you press right mouse click and select ‘Export selected list into the clipboard’
Export WinOLS data

Step 2 – Import and structure WinOLS data into XLSX demo file

The data you exported from WinOLS is now in your clipboard. You need to download the XLSX demo file and paste WinOLS data under the first column header.

Headers for importing:

Discounted Price
Short Description
Vehicle Type
Vehicle Producer
Vehicle Series
ECU Producer
ECU Build
ECU-Nr. Prod.
Software Version
Engine Type
Engine Displacement
Reading Tool
Reading Method
Stock HP Stock NM
Tuned HP Tuned NM
Type of tuning
Including checksum?
Including original file?
Dyno tested?
Do you offer customization & support to customer?
Do you offer to check the original file of customer?
Service Price

The importing system works as follow. If you for example have data which are not recognized it will skip the field and go to next one. It won’t block the mass import process because some field is required. It will upload all and afterwards you can adjust the listing with images and even the actual files so your projects can be downloaded automatically.

Note: In the field ‘type of tuning’ you need to use these exact options otherwise it won’t show your tuning options in the backend and fronted.

Type of tuning options:


Hardcut Limiter (Popcorn)

Torque Monitoring Off

RPM Limit Mod

Diesel Engine Lambda Off

Emission Smoke Test Passing

First EGT Sensor Off

Checksum Correction

CVN Warranty Patch

Readiness Codes Monitors Ready

Full Dtcs Off

Selective Dtc(s) Off

TVA Off Edit

Immo Off

Vmax Off

Swirl Flaps Off

Adblue Off



Stage 3

Stage 2

Stage 1

Exhaustflap open in sportmode


Sportbutton tune

Pop & bang sportbutton

Full Dtcs Off




Pop & bang

Catalyst off

Super Mappack

Step 3 – Importing the XLSX file into Dynoshare marketplace

When you have finished building your XLSX file its time to mass import your WinOLS data into
It’s easy just upload the file and press import. Wait couple of minutes (depends how many records you have) and all your WinOLS Data is imported.

Important note

If you have any issues with importing your WinOLS data into DYNOSHARE, please let us know we are glad to help you out. You can even ask us to import the data for you so you if get stuck, don’t know how to do it or don’t have the time.