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Isuzu - N-series - (2019) - Denso - SH7058 / SH72544 - TTI 0100 - 98307729 - Original - Stage_1 - 193hp
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I'm not sure if my car has the exact same original file as shown here, please manually modify my original based on the advertised file.

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MSI_11996.ols (Important: The price you see is an indication. In order to get correct price for your requested project, please select a file and upload this on our file service. You do this by selecting a file from this product page and then you click on the red button ('Place custom order'). We can then check your request better and give you correct pricing strategy for your project. You can take a look at our price list by clicking here. Kind regards, Team ECUFILES.COM)

The vendor has not uploaded their files but only their data (gain specification) if you are looking for this file, please request custom tuning for your file. The seller will check if your original readout can be used to make the advertised file.

Type Passenger car
Producer Isuzu
Series N-series
Model year 2019
Model -
Use type Engine
Producer Denso
Build SH7058 / SH72544
ECU-Nr. Prod. TTI 0100
Software 98307729
Type Turbo-Diesel
Displacement -
Gear manual
Reading tool -
Type of tuning Original, Stage_1
Including checksum? NO
Including original file? YES
Dyno tested? YES
Customization & Support to customer YES
Check the original file of customer YES