Chip tuning files Audi
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Audi - TT3 RS - 2.5 TFSI V5 - (2017) - Bosch - MED17.1.62 - 8S0907404E - 07K907309E - 23187 - 2 - Original - Stage 2 - Stage 3 - 400hp - 480nm - 580hp - 720nm

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Chip tuning files

In most of our stage files vmax off and rpm limit increased is already included. TTE700 1.8 bar boost

The vendor has not uploaded their files but only their data (gain specification) if you are looking for this file, please request custom tuning for your file. The seller will check if your original readout can be used to make the advertised file.

400 hp
480 nm
580 hp
720 nm
+180 hp
+240 nm
Type Car
Producer Audi
Series TT3 RS
Model year 2017
Model 2.5 TFSI V5
Use type Engine
Producer Bosch
Build MED17.1.62
ECU-Nr. Prod. 8S0907404E
ECU-Nr. ECU 07K907309E
Software 23187
Version 2
Type Turbo-Petrol
Displacement 2.5
Gear DSG
Reading tool 3
Type of tuning Original, Stage 2, Stage 3
Including checksum? YES
Including original file? YES
Dyno tested? YES
Customization & Support to customer YES
Check the original file of customer YES