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Audi - B8 - 1.8 TFSI - (2009, 2010, 2011) - 1.8 - Bosch - MED17.5 - 8K1907115C - 0003 120hp – 230nm - 230hp – 340nm

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I'm not sure if my car has the exact same original file as shown here, please manually modify my original based on the advertised file.

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Audi A4 B8 1.8 TFSI 120HP CDHA STAGE 2 8K1907115C Stage 2, requested boost 1.2 bar,  file is decat, at least downpipe needed.

The vendor has uploaded their files and can be downloaded directly after paying. Even if software and hardware numbers of ECU are the same, it could be it is different because different tuning tools can have a different way of reading/writing cutting parts of the software or adding code. You need to use the tuning modifications and copy them into your own original file or let vendor customize the file for you.

120 hp
230 nm
230 hp
340 nm
+110 hp
+110 nm
Type Car
Producer Audi
Series B8
Model year 2009, 2010, 2011
Model 1.8 TFSI
Use type Engine
Producer Bosch
Build MED17.5
ECU-Nr. Prod. 8K1907115C
ECU-Nr. ECU 0003
Software -
Version -
Type Petrol
Displacement 1.8
Gear Manual
Reading tool KESS
Type of tuning Stage 2, Decat
Including checksum? YES
Including original file? YES
Dyno tested? YES
Customization & Support to customer YES
Check the original file of customer YES